List of Services

Depending from product material, we use following ways:

Embroidery, Decoration of fabric with needle and thread.

Hot pressing, Imprint a design or graphic onto for example T-shirt.

Screen printing, Ink is applied directly to the printed surface.

Foil stamping, Heat applied metallic foil to a solid surface.

Sublimation printing, Heat applied dye onto materials.

Pad Printing (Tampography), Transfer 2D image onto 3D object.

Offset printing, Inked image is transferred to a plate then to a rubber blanket and finally onto printing surface.

Engraving, Engraving a design onto a hard, usually flat surface by cutting grooves into it.

Knitting, Thread is used to create fabric.

Embossing, Embossing for example. paper.

Stickers, Create custom stickers.

Pressing, Custom made paper items.